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24 Month Course


1, What will you get when joining this course?

- Studying at the top 10 academies of pilot training in the world.

- Skylead does not collect any fees from students during the registration process.

- Skylead supports applying for VISA.

- Get vaccinated against COVID-19 for free.

- Free staying in modern and comfortable dormitories of the academies.

- Opportunity to work at the best aviation corporations in US.



2, The number of flight hours is accumulated during the course of study.

Accumulation of experience while learning (calculated by actual flight hours) is the most important condition for assessing pilot's actual experience. With the 24-month course, students will accumulate 1,000 flight hours during the study period.

Any airline is willing to welcome pilots with experience of 1,000 - 1,500 actual flight hours (this number is approximate depending on airline requirements).


3, The certificates received during the study.

After graduating from international standard programs, students will receive certificates that are necessary conditions to become a Captain in the US and international countries:

- Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

- Certificate of Flight Instructor (CFI)

- Certificate of Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

- Certificated Multi-Engine Airplane Flight Instructor (MEI)


4, Commitment and job opportunities.

After studying 80% of the modules at aviation academies, students will have the opportunity to talk directly with domestic airlines (USA), in order to have a job orientation right after graduation. This is the difference in Skylead's joint training program, providing job opportunities in the US easily for students.



The main program that Skylead aims for students is the 24-month and 30-month course, because:

- For Commercial Pilots (12 months training = 206 flight hours) they won't have the opportunity to be a Captain but only become a Co-Pilot, and of course they're not allowed to operate in International Airlines.

- According to US News, pilots in the US have an average salary of $121,430 USD in 2019. Of which, 25% of pilots get high salary from $208,000/year while 25% get low salary from $83,880 /year.

- A pilot with about 5000 flight hours can earn $26,141 per month or $313,692 per year when working for airlines in Asia. Meanwhile, the advantage of students is that in the course of studying, they have 1,000 flight hours (this is the largest number of flight hours compared to any equivalent program in other academies).

During the course of study in the US, the Le&Partners Foundation will work directly with the Aviation Academies in the US, to ensure student support within the study process, help with tuition payment time, living conditions and support to find a job right after graduation.


*Le&Partners is an investment fund founded by Vietnamese-Americans which located in the US. It is an official partner unit, working directly with American aviation academies.

Skylead is the exclusive partner of Le&Partners in Vietnam. Le&Partners, with nearly 10 years of experience in the aviation industry, has worked with major aviation partners in the Asian market.

Every month, Le&Partners representatives will meet and discuss with the Aviation Academy during the learning process of Vietnamese students, to ensure that the learning process goes smoothly, students keep up with the learning curve and achieve output standards as commitment before.

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30 Month Course
Up to 1500 hours of flight practice, licensed to fly in US skies. Certified FAA CPL, CFI, CFII, MEI
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Skylead is the only unit in Vietnam that cooperates with 2 of the top 10 prestigious aviation academies in the US, including L3Harris Academy.
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FGA Academy
Skylead is the only academy in Vietnam that cooperates with 2 of the top 10 most prestigious aviation academies in the US, including Faithful Guardian Aviation Academy (FGA).
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