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The US reopens aviation: World aviation shows signs of improvement.
The United States prepared to welcome a large wave of international passengers after the airline was opened at 00:01 on 9/11. This was the first time that US airlines reopened after 20 months of closure to control the pandemic. The US's resumption of long-haul flights forced many other aviation markets to open up if they didn't want to lose.
The stages of resuming international flights
On November 8, leaders of the Ministry of Transport (MoT) proposed the Government to consider the approval of the plan to resume regular international flights in 3 phrases.
Aviation history through interesting numbers
Along with the development of the tourism industry, aviation is increasingly developing. People travel by plane more and more, and therefore, the need to understand more interesting things related to this field is increasing. Here are some interesting things about aviation, according to the compilation of Baatraining, one of the three largest independent flight training centers in Europe.
IATA forecasts: "Aviation will recover strongly in 2022"
According to IATA, in the coming year, airlines in all regions of the world will record a recovery, even airlines in The North US are expected to be profitable. The business of the world aviation industry will gradually recover in 2022 after the great damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for the past two years.
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US authorities to evaluate aviation security of Vietnam Airlines
The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will make an evaluation of aviation security work in Vietnam serving regular operations of Vietnam Airlines.
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The Ministry of Transport of Vietnam proposes to re-open international flights to 15 countries
The Ministry of Transport proposed to re-open regular international flights from the first quarter of 2022 for both passengers with or without "vaccine passports".
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Strengthening control of Covid-19 pandemic via air-route
The Ministry of Transport has just issued the requested document to strengthen the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic and control of passengers returning from high-risk areas by air-line.
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Skylead is the only unit in Vietnam that cooperates with 2 of the top 10 prestigious aviation academies in the US, including L3Harris Academy.
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