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FGA Academy


Skylead is the only academy in Vietnam that cooperates with 2 of the top 10 most prestigious aviation academies in the US, including Faithful Guardian Aviation Academy (FGA).


1, FGA Campus.


- FGA's center is located under the busiest sky in the world (flights from Asia, the Middle East to the US all go to this airspace, to Atlanta airport - the "busiest" airport in the world, ..)

- This is a training environment for trainees to gain international standards, more than 200 days a year, the climate here is very favorable for flight training (in contrast, if you are trained in bad weather, this is also a great opportunity for students to gain experience in flying in many different environments).



2, The safest flight academy: “Safety first”.

Faithful Guardian Aviation Academy has modern facilities and equipment, meeting international standards:

- Instructors are experienced, highly qualified and enthusiastic to help students in the learning process.

- Since its establishment until now, for nearly 10 years, FGA has not recorded any accidents.

- Perform up to 100,000 flight hours per year.

- Pilot training curriculum approved by the US Aviation Administration under the 141 program is accepted by most airlines in the world (FGA can also train fighter pilots with this program. Trained by the 141 program, pilots will have flight certifications that meet the most demanding requirements in the aviation industry).

- Recognized as a "catching fire" flight school to train pilots for the US military.

- With a student/faculty ratio of 5/1, students always have the opportunity to train with instructors at any time.

- The special program at FGA is that "no student is left behind". With a very dedicated student support program, international student graduation rate is 100%

- The repair station at the airport meets the standards approved by the US Aviation Administration.



3, Modern facilities - Fleet of many types of aircraft.

GA Student's Aircraft Fleet:

- Cessna fleet 172s

- 3 Piper Warriors

- 1 Cessna 182

- 1 Piper Cherokee 6s

- 2 Cessna 310Qs

- 1 Cessna 150s

The number of aircraft in use is always about 80% of the maximum capacity, so there is always 20% backup aircraft, and there is never a shortage of aircraft during practice. This not only helps students complete the program on time but also ensures uninterrupted learning.

- In addition, the academy also has a flight simulator (this is extremely necessary to train students perfectly, all weaknesses are solved when students learn in the flight simulator, this is many times more convenient than learning directly on the plane).

- FGA has ordered 50 aircrafts more to provide students.

Up to 14 domestic US airlines have signed contracts to hire flight instructors graduated from FGA.

If there is a need, after graduation, students can practice or work at FGA Academy, with a salary of up to $50,000/year.



4, Student life at FGA Academy.

Student's Clubs at FGA Academy:

- American football club (Football)

- Baseball club

- Basketball club

- Football club (Soccer)

- The 2 most beautiful campuses in the campuses of Georgia, USA.

At FGA Academy, students can rent cars, join a golf club, visit and shop at the Asian Market, and are provided with high-quality life assurance services such as laundry, dry cleaning, high-speed internet, spa, swimming pool, ...


5, FGA Academy & Le&Partners

*Le&Partners is an investment fund founded by Vietnamese-Americans and located in the US. It is  an official partner unit, working directly with American aviation academies to ensure student support during their studies, helps with time to pay tuition fees, living conditions, and helps find a job right after graduation.

Skylead is the exclusive partner of Le&Partners in Vietnam. Le&Partners, with nearly 10 years of experience in the aviation industry, has worked with major aviation partners in the Asian market.

Every month, Le&Partners representatives will meet and discuss with the Aviation Academy during the learning process of Vietnamese students, to ensure that the learning process goes smoothly, students keep up with the learning curve and achieve output standards committed with the students before.

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