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Some perks of being an airline pilot


A pilot's perk is to have opportunities to access to the most cutting edge technologies, just behind the space industry, and it also is the reason for pilots to learn, research and update continuously new knowledge.




In addition, the pilot also gets many special entitlements such as:

Unique "office": witnessed the beauty of the sky with your own eyes.

Unlike the jobs on the ground, the pilot's profession is one of the rare professions with the most impressive "workroom", and moreover; it is changed by day. A world is viewed from above with impressive, breathtaking beauty that is unbelievable. Pilots often admired the mysterious beauty of the earth right in the cockpit from dawn to nightfall. This is a unique "perk" that not every profession has the opportunity to witness these wonders with their own eyes.

Traveling and experiencing the culture of the five continents "for free".

Not only do pilots have a huge income, they also get the opportunity to travel to many lands and learn many interesting things about their cultures. Every time they arrive in a new land, pilots spend time discovering, interacting with locals aiming to broaden their own experiences.

High starting salary and tremendous compensation.

"The average salary for pilots in Vietnam is from 120 million to 150 million per month.  It will be much higher, if the pilot works in an international environment. Additionally, they also receive many other very good compensations."

How to become an airline pilot?

Skylead is the only unit in Vietnam that cooperates with 2 of the top 10 prestigious aviation academies in the US, including L3Harris Academy, Faithful Guardian Aviation. This is a great opportunity for Vietnamese students interested in the pilot profession to be exposed to advanced techniques and a methodical curriculum with international standards. It is hoped to bring to a bright future in their careers , have capability of being a Captain at any prestigious airline.


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