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Choosing an international standards learning environment.

The US is the cradle of world aviation, including commercial aviation and military aviation. In the US, there are 500 Commercial Pilot Training Institutes with international standards and certifications. As one of the leading countries in the world in commercial aviation with the most top-of-the-line technology, the US owns a system of aircraft factories, airlines, educational environment, airline systems stretching over this country. When foreign students are trained in the US and achieve American standards, it means that students will meet global standards while applying for jobs at any airline in the world.

One interesting point is that the terrain of the US is very large and the climate morphologies are diverse. That is very suitable for the pilot to have a lot of experience during training. After school, pilots will have steady practical flight experience with solid potentiality for job opportunities in prestigious airlines in the US, Vietnam or around the world.




Referring to typical academies in the top 10 highest ranked and most prestigious Aviation Academy in the US:

L3Harris Aviation Academy (Sanford, Florida).

With more than 40 years of experience, L3Harris confidently realizes the dream conquering the sky of the young generation. Converging the best instructors and training prestigious certificates such as FAA, CPL, CFI, CFII, MEI to help students conquer the path of commercial pilots and the opportunity to work at famous airlines. L3Harris is the "assurance" for the international airlines' hunt. Particularly, thousands of graduates at L3Harris are currently Captains at famous airlines such as EasyJet, British Airways and Ryanair.

Faithful Guardian Aviation Academy (3956 Aviation Circle Atlanta, Georgia, United States).

Faithful Guardian Aviation has a staff of highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors to constantly accompany and support students. The academy linked to prestigious airlines around the United States and signed many work contracts for students after graduation. The advantage of Faithful Guardian Aviation is using a leading flight training curriculum and combining it with modern technical technology of national standards. The graduation rate for international students is 100%. The academy has successfully trained thousands of commercial pilots and helped students find jobs after completing the last leg. Faithful Guardian Aviation has achieved many senior aviation certifications, typically FAA certification - the leading title for flight safety in the FAA AMT program. This title is one of the few units that have been training for US military transport pilots.

Skylead is honored to be the only unit in Vietnam that cooperates with 2 academies in the top 10 most prestigious aviation academies in the US (out of more than 500 aviation training academies in the US).




What should students do after graduation?

So as to enhance their skills and work experience, pilots should have experiences such as:

- Trying teaching activities. Many pilots have started their careers as flight instructors.

- Taking opportunities in private flying companies.

Gaining experience & promotion opportunities.

In airlines, promotion opportunities are often determined by mentioned seniority provisions in the contract. If flying on weekends, Christmas or holidays, pilots will gain more working experience and have many interesting flying experiences.

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