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Staying in the US or returning to Asia for work?


Pilot is one of the careers with a desirable salary. Not only Vietnam or  the US but most countries, this job is always appreciated. The question of "stay in the US or return to Asia for work" is a concern for most students after graduating from American flight schools.

In the US or other countries around the world, pilots are among the top-paid professions and are cherished by young people when orienting their careers. Unlike Vietnam, this one in the US is popular and well-trained by academies specializing in training pilots such as L3Harris, FGA (Faithful Guardian Aviation,...). After graduating from these academies, students will be granted a license to fly in all areas around the world, each course will have its own route and benefits.




Students from many countries around the world, who have a passion to become pilots, have also chosen the US as a destination to study and work (because of the outstanding development of the training roadmap and job opportunities when they achieve certifications at the top ranks in the US).

With the orientation of Skylead, in case 1, students can study in the US and then return to Vietnam to work, major airlines fully agree with a pilot owning all US standard certificates (CPL, CFI, CFII, MEI) with flight time from 1000 to 1500 hours.

In case 2, students can stay working in the US after graduation. When working in the US for some time, accumulating enough flight hours, becoming a captain in the US, returning to Asia or Vietnam will be much more appreciated.




Currently, Vietnam has about 2500 pilots and it can be seen that most of the captains in every flight are foreigners. The total number of foreign pilots working in Vietnam is about 1220 people (accounting for 49%). This is a rather sad truth because the number of Vietnamese pilots meeting international standards is very small at the moment. Understanding this, Skylead wishes to bring Vietnam's aviation industry human resources to a peak with flights operated directly by Vietnamese people. Skylead hopes that in the future, a Vietnamese captain will no longer be a stranger to airlines around the world.


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