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Minimum required flight hours


Flight time is one of the most important conditions to claim a pilot's experience, ability and value. The more actual flight hours accumulated, the higher the pilot's value. Additionally, to get required flight time, many pilots have to spend huge amounts of money with expensive fees to accumulate enough flight hours and have the opportunity to work at airlines.

With an average cumulative flight time of 1500 hours, pilots can be employed by any airline in the US using turboprop aircraft or jet aircraft.

Skylead offers two types of courses: 24 months and 30 months corresponding to 1000 hours and 1500 hours of flight time. Besides, students also award a commercial pilot license (CPL) and 3 flight instructor degrees (CFI, CFII, MEI) after graduating.




This is a great benefit for students accumulating a large number of practical flight hours during their studies, and in the meantime, they receive the necessary qualifications to become a Captain in the US or around the world. Not only that, students can also learn type rating for free when studying and working for US airlines (this costs a large amount of money if joining in other countries).

All benefits that students get from the academy such as tuition fees, career opportunities are exclusive Skylead affiliate programs. The price will be much higher if students submit themselves to these training schools.

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