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Interview is one of the first steps of the registration process, students will have the online interview with representatives of the academy. This process will help the both sides share and understand each other. Moreover, it'll save lots of time for the student's procedure.




This is an opportunity for students to get acquainted with the new environment. In the interview, it is also an occasion for the academy to answer students' questions about all related issues before attending. Because it is usually held in the form of online, students should pay attention to ensure the quality of the network connection and other related issues.

For students when interviewing online, the biggest advantage is that they don't need to go far, save time and effort, just stay in the environment where they feel most comfortable to conduct the interview. However, limitations such as technical errors, man-to-man interaction can cause the interview process to be interrupted. Students need to make sure there are no unexpected errors to make the interview go smoothly and easily.

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