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Career path and direction


The career path after graduation will depend on the individual orientation and professional bravery of the student. However, finding a job after graduation is not too difficult when the demand related to airline employment is very large.



The following is some brief information about the career potential of the aviation industry today.

- Over the next 10 years, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts annual passenger growth of 4.2% and the market at 4.8 billion air passengers by 2027 - that's an extra 1.6 billion passengers.

- For maintaining and developing, 804,000 new pilots are expected to be needed over the next 20 years, according to Boeing’s latest forecast.

Boeing Co. expects Chinese airlines will need 8,700 new aircraft for a total of $1.47 trillion by 2040, doubling the country’s commercial fleet size as air travel booms.

- By 2029, CAE predicts that the Asia-Pacific region will need 91,000 new pilots.

- VNA completed the application for a regular non-stop flight to the US after meeting the evaluation procedures of 9 agencies in the US.

- By 2023, Vietnam Airlines needs more than 55,000 employees (working at airlines, airports, flight management centers, air cargo supply chains)

- Currently, 60%-70% of captains on flights in Vietnam are foreigners.



With the mentioned information, we can clearly see in the coming years that Vietnamese airlines in particular and the whole world in general will need a large number of highly capable and skillful commercial pilots. It can be claimed that this is a unique career opportunity for students to start their journey to becoming a pilot, because of the large worldwide supply of commercial pilot human resources in the future. First and foremost, students find a quality course that is suitable for their career orientation.

In particular, in the US, after studying 80% of training programs at aviation academies affiliated with Skylead, trainees will have the opportunity to chat face-to-face with domestic airlines to have a career orientation after graduation. Moreover,  the Academy in the US will sign employment contracts for students after finishing the 30-month course. In case students do not want to work at airlines, they will be retained to work as training instructors at the Academy, with a minimum salary of $50,000/year.

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