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Applying for a visa


What are the conditions and the steps to apply for a US student visa? What documents need to be prepared? These are the questions that make parents and students wonder when planning to study aviation in the US.


In general, prospective students will go through five stages when applying for a US student visa:

- Step 1: Apply and be accepted by the Aviation Academy you want to study (six to twelve months prior to US study);

- Step 2: Pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee (This is a mandatory fee for foreigners coming to the United States to study at educational institutions. The cost is $200 for F-1 visa holders and $180 for F-1 visa holders , the fee rate may change over time depending on the regulations of the Federal government of the United States).

- Step 3: Complete a US student visa application along with recent photo(s).

- Step 4: Pay the visa application fee.

- Step 5: Schedule and attend a visa interview.




Step 1: Apply to the aviation academy you want to attend.

Once you have been accepted by an institute, the US institute will enroll you in the SEVIS system and you will be sent a SEVIS-generated document called Form I-20 if you are eligible for an F or M visa.

The SEVP manages international students in the F and M visa classifications, while the Department of State (DoS) manages on J visa classifications. Both SEVP and DoS use SEVIS to track and monitor institutions and exchange visitor programs and international students.


Step 2: Pay the SEVIS fee.

You must pay the SEVIS fee at least three days prior to submitting an application for a US visa. In order to pay the fee you will need to file either an online or paper form. Both can be accessed through the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) SEVP website.

You can obtain and print a payment confirmation from the website at any time after processing your payment. You will need this confirmation as proof of fee payment at your US student visa interview.


Step 3: Complete the US student visa application.

Once you have received your SEVIS form and paid the SEVIS fee, you can make an appointment with a US consulate or embassy in your country for a US student visa application. It’s best to apply as early as possible, as visa processing times can vary.




Step 4: Pay the visa application fee.

The visa application fee is also called the Machine Readable Visa Fee, or ‘MRV fee’. In general, there are three ways to pay visa application fee:

- Deposit directly at an approved bank.

- By phone (you’ll receive a fee confirmation number)

- Online (you’ll need to print your receipt)


Step 5: Schedule and attend a visa interview.

2 weeks before the interview, Skylead will have free training and support programs to increase the VISA success rate.

The final step in getting a US student visa is to arrange and attend a visa interview. You can do this either online or using the phone, by calling your nearest US embassy or consulate. In either case, you should complete the MRV fee payment first

The visa application process cannot be completed until you appear for an interview with a consular officer. Wait times for visa interview appointments vary by location, season and visa category.


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